Virgin Islands Boa


Chilabothrus granti, Puerto Rico

Conservation Genetics

I have conducted field work on Puerto Rico, and along with my collaborators we are developing novel genetic markers for this species, as well as evaluating standing genetic variation in the few remaining natural populations (Reynolds et al. 2015). These genetic data and methods will also be useful for ongoing ex situ captive breeding and translocation programs.

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I am also using population genetic simulations to evaluate various demographic scenarios for some populations of the VI boa. The goal is to demonstrate how the pairing of informed simulations can benefit conservation genetic inference in the face of small sample size, which is common for endangered vertebrates.






Publications from this research:

Reynolds, R.G., A.R. Puente-Rolón, R. Platenberg, R.K. Tyler, P.J. Tolson, and L.J. Revell. 2015. Large divergence and low diversity suggest genetically informed conservation strategies for the endangered Virgin Islands boa (Chilabothrus monensis). Global Ecology and Conservation